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Mamta Mohandas seeks divorce
Mamta is now heading in for a divorce from her childhood friend Pregith Padmanabhan. Incidentally, Mamta got engaged to Pregith in grand style on 11.11.11 and she has reportedly made a formal announcement of legal separation on 12.12.12.

The duo have realized that they are two different types of people who cannot live with each other for long. They have already started living separately. Mamta said that everyone tries to mend some things to lead a happy life. But her married life has drained her completely, it was work that kept her going and kept her happy. Not revealing what exactly triggered this major decision, Mamta said that it was a tough time for her and her family. She is grateful that her family and friends have stood beside her during tough times.

Mamta Mohandas has acted in Yamadonga, Kedi, Homan, Chintakayala Ravi and King. The second leading lady who was paired opposite Jr NTR in Yamodonga is facing a tough phase in life with positive attitude. Mamta who is a cancer survivor, got married to Pregith on 28th December 2011 at Kozhikode.

Court Send Kunjatta With Urvashi

A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court ordered actor Manoj K. Jayan to hand over custody of his daughter Kunjatta to his ex-wife actress Urvashi.

Manoj had been given temporary custody of Kunjatta at the time of his divorce from actress Urvashi.

Kalpana divorces director Anil

Kalpana divorces director Anil
Malayalam actress Kalpana and husband director Anil have been granted a divorce by the Ernakulam family court. They filed the divorce petition a few days ago.

While Kalpana had no reason to offer for the divorce, Anil alleged that he had suffered from the very start of the marriage and accused Kalpana of trying to "malign his character."

Actress Shruthi granted divorce

Actress Shruthi granted divorceShruti and director S Mahender's 13-year-old marriage has been ended with divorce. A family court on Thursday has granted their wish for the separation. The court granted the custody of their only child to Shruti.

Shruthi, who was introduced to the film industry by Dwarakish, and Mahender fell in love and got their intercaste marriage done in the Puri Jagannath temple in 1998. Meanwhile, she is all set to marry Chandrachud, a former journalist-turned-film director.

Court allows Jyothirmayi to divorce

Jyothirmay got divorce from her husband Nishanth Kumar, to whom she was married for seven years. The Ernakulam Family Court allowed the divorce petition moved by Jyothirmayi and Nishanth.

Jyothirmayi had filed a divorce petition at the family court last March. Later the duo decided to file a petition with mutual consent. The actress got married to Nishanth, a software engineer working in the Middle East in the year 2004.

Kavya Madhavan to get divorced!!

Kavya Madhavan to get divorced!!Kavya Madhavan to get divorced. The actress who got married to Nischal Chandran at Kollur Mookambika on 5th February 2009. There is no official confirmation about this from Kavya's family.

According to the actress and her family, she has been cheated in marriage and they also reveals that Nischal, a failed actor and his mother were torturing Kavya mentally, alleging that she had an affair with a top Malayalam actor, which led to the split.

Jyothirmayi files for divorce from husband Nishanth

Jyothirmayi files for divorce from husband NishanthMalayalee actress Jyothirmayi has submitted papers in court for a divorces from her husband Nishanth. The couple have not been living together for some time.

Nishanth have been living in Dubai and he recently came down to Kerala and submitted the divorce papers through a famous lawyer.

Jyothirmayi has won state and National awards. Her films include `Pattalam`, `Kalyanaraman`, `Hariharanpilla Happiyanu`, `Anyar`,`Ente Veedu Apponteyum` among others.

She was a serial artist at first. Indraneelam is one of her famous serials. She has also acted in some Telefilms but was not successful. She became a top actress after Meesha Madhavan. She got married to Nishanth, a software engineer on 6 2004.

Bhumika Chawla to go for divorce!

Bhumika Chawla to go for divorce!New twist in married life of the most beautiful heroine bhumika chawla. Sources confirm that Bhumika is to divorce her high profile husband Bharath Thakur on personal grounds as Bharath is heard running an illegal family affair with one of his wealthy clients.

Bharath even opened Yoga schools in Dubai with hard earned money of Bhumika to get finally struck into an extra marital affair. Although Bharath tried to convince the family of Bhumika about the rumors, they are not interested in Bharath and are filing a divorce. They say that, Bhumika could have bombed nearly 15Crores of rupees venturing into useless ideas of Bharath and his colleagues.

Kavya Madhavan files for divorce

Kavya Madhavan files for divorce Kavya Madhavan has finally filed her divorce papers at the Ernakulam Family Court in Kochi. She also filed another petition with the Ernakulam First Class Magistrate Court against her husband and in-laws under the Domestic Violence Act for causing mental stress.

Kavya, got married to computer engineer Nischal Chandra in February last year and decided to call it a day from the film industry at the height of her popularity. After few months living in Kuwait with her husband, Kavya returned to her parents’ home.

Saritha and Mukesh Divorce Appeal postponed

Saritha and Mukesh Divorce Appeal postponedThe divorce petition of Saritha and her husband Mukesh has been deferred to 21st September.

The actor and actress married in 1987, couple has two sons who are 20 and 17.

About 10 years back, the couple had difference of opinion and Saritha called for the separation leading to divorce, which is still pending on the bench of honorary court in Chennai.

The family court as per the formalities ordered a 6 month separation period and ordered the couple for counseling.

Meena Will Ask Divorce ?

Meena Will Ask Divorce ?South Indian popular actress Meena, who married a software engineer named Vidyasagar, on July 12th, 2009 is facing a mental torture these days According to sources, the actress is not in a position to adjust with her husband and her mother in law and so is thinking for a split soon.
According to close sources, Meena wants to continue her acting career and so has a hand full of projects in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil in coming future. But her mother in law and her husband want her to concentrate on the family leaving movie life.

For this reason, Meena has left the house of her husband and is living separately from the past 3 months. Moreover, it is also reported that, Meena also cancelled her Honeymoon Trip with Vidya Sagar, in the month of December for the sake of a film shooting. This issue got intensified and raised the blood pressure of her husband who slapped her on her face.
For this reason, Meena asked her elders to intervene in the issue. But thinking wisely, they did not turn up, as they feel that Meena is making a big mistake by deteriorating her marriage life. Now, this issue has intensified and so Meena wants a divorce from her husband at any cost.

Hope, she comes out of this trouble in a wise way and settles this issue amicably without any further fuss.

Arvind Swamy files for divorce !

Arvind Swamy files for divorce Arvind Swamy has filed a petition for divorce from his wife Gayatri in a family court under mutual consent. Principal family court judge Ramalingam adjourned further hearing of the case to December 1. Arvind Swamy and Gayatri got married in 1994 and have a son and a daughter. They filed a petition for divorce citing domestic disharmony.

He is now the chairman and managing director of Talent Maximus. Earlier, he was the chairman of ProLease India and InterPro India.

I’ll marry shortly: Prakash Raj

I’ll marry shortly: Prakash RajLeading Actor Prakash Raj said that he would marry a girl of selection soon. Recently he got divorced from his actress-wife Lalitha Kumari recently.

He allegedly added: “Very soon, I will marry a girl of my choice. But this will not stop me from discharging my duties as a responsible father.” The actor-producer also said he is eagerly expecting the release of his first directorial venture ‘Naanu Nannu Kanasu’.

Shashi Tharoor’s 3rd Marriage, will marry Kashmiri beautician – Sunanda

Shashi Tharoor’s 3rd Marriage, will marry Kashmiri beautician – SunandaShashi Tharoor who is currently serving as the Minister of External Affairs is all set to marry for the third time. Shashi Tharoor has always been in news mostly for his Tweets but right now, he is getting attention for his third marriage. The woman’s name is Sunanda and she is a beautician. She hails from a Kashmiri family but currently, she is working as a beautician in Dubai.

Shashi Tharoor has been seen many times with Sunanda in many social functions. His friends have confirmed that he will get married once his divorce gets settled. He is likely to get married while in office.

Right now, he is going through a divorce from his second wife, Christa Giles, who is a Canadian civil servant who works with the United States on disarmament issues. The divorce is going to be a messy legal sepaartion. Shashi Tharoor was earlier married to Tilottama Mukherji who was his first wife. They were high school sweet hearts. He has twin sons from his first marriage, Ishaan and Kanishk.

Actress Meena decline divorce news

Actress Meena decline divorce newsതാന്‍ വിവാഹ മോചനത്തിന് ഒരുങ്ങുന്നു എന്നാ വാര്‍ത്ത ശരിയല്ലെന്ന്നടി മീന പറഞ്ഞു. ഇത്തരം അടിസ്ഥാന മില്ലാത്ത വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍പ്രചരിപ്പിച്ചു തന്‍റെ ദാമ്പത്യ ജീവിധം തകര്‍ക്കെരുറെന്നു മീനമാധ്യമങ്ങളോട് അപക്ഷിച്ചു. കഴിഞ്ഞ വര്‍ഷമാണ്‌ മീന വിദ്യ സാഗര്‍അന്ന സോഫ്റ്റ്‌വെയര്‍ എന്ജിനീയരെ വിവാഹം കഴിച്ചതു.

വിവാഹശേഷം മീന അഭിനയിക്കുന്നടിനോട് വിദ്യ സഗരിനുതാത്പര്യമില്ലെന്നും ഇതിനെ ചൊല്ലിയുണ്ടായ തര്‍ക്കമാണ് വിവാഹമോചന ത്തിലീക്ക് നയിച്ചതും എന്നായിരുന്നു മീനയെ പറ്റി പരന്നവാര്‍ത്ത. അതേ സമയം തന്‍റെ ഭാരതാവ് എല്ലാ പ്രോത്സാഹനങ്ങളുംതരുന്നുടെന്നും ഇനിയും തുടര്‍ന്നു അഭിനയിക്കും എന്നും മീന പറഞ്ഞു.

Another divorce!

Another divorce!Actress Arthi Agarwal joined the knot two years ago in 2007. Now it is reported that the pretty actress is going to apply for divorce.

Well before her marriage, she was in headlines for attempting suicide. As for films, she has been getting many offers from Kollywood and Tollywood. She has done many films in Telugu but in Tamil she has just done Pambara Kannale. A formal confirmation on the divorce news is awaited though.