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Actress Sujibala attempts suicide

Actress Sujibala attempts suicide
Tamil Actress Sujibala attempted suicide. The hot actress was said to be unhappy over the wedding fixed by her family.

Sujibala's wedding was scheduled to be held today, Aug.27, but in an ugly twist she consumed sleeping pills and later admitted to a hospital in Nagercoil by her family members.

Sources say, Sujibala was in love with a dance master. But, her parents had fixed her marriage with Ravikumar, director of an upcoming film titled 'Unmai', where Sujibala plays a crucial role.

After emergency treatment given in the ICU, the actress is out of danger now and expected to be discharged from the hospital.

Padmapriya is ready to go nude!

Padmapriya is ready to go nude!Padmapriya who has proved her mettle in Malayalam and other regional languages says she prefers to do glamorous roles than playing a mother on screen. She sights this as one of the reasons why she is not getting many offers nowadays.

I am comfortable doing glamorous roles and have no qualms going nude if the character demands it. I am not against the idea of looking sexy. But I don't like women being looked at as mere objects of sex."

Padmapriya was all set to leave to US to do her postgraduate MA in Public Administration from New York University as she feels the need to enrich her life. But she says its not a goodbye to films.

Amala Paul dating Vijay?

Amala Paul dating Vijay?The latest rumour at present is love affair between actress Amala Paul and director ‘Madrasapattinam’ AL Vijay. Amala Paul played a young correspondent of a School in Vijay’s latest directorial venture titled ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. Deiva Thirumagal, directed by Vijay, had a significant role for her which only increased her reputation as an actress who can take on any kind of roles and do full justice to them.

Rumours say that the bonding between Amala and Vijay, which started during the making of Deiva Thirumagal, appears to have grown in to a full-fledged affair.

The actress also recently attended the Sashtiabdha Poorthi function of Vijay’s father and producer AL Alagappan and was seen being very affectionate with Vijay and his family members, showing the close bonding between them.

Vimala Rama to go nude in Bollywood!

Vimala Rama to go nude in Bollywood!
Vimala Raman, who has been flooded with offers after the huge success of Aaptha Rakshaka, will have to do skin shows and some two or three nude scenes.

Ashutosh Gowariker's Amrapali is a remake of yesteryear flick with the same title. Vimala Raman will play a title role, which was played by Vyjayanthimala Bali. Late actor Sunil Dutt had played protagonist and now Salman Khan is said to have been approached to do the lead role.

The story is based on a courtesan of Vaishali, the capital of the Licchavism which was ruled by the king of the Magadha empire, Ajatashatru.

Mandira Bedi becomes showstopper at Kolkata Fashion Week

Mandira Bedi becomes showstopper at Kolkata Fashion WeekPopular TV personality and cricket commentator Mandira Bedi kept the Kolkata Fashion Week-II audience spellbound as she sashayed down the ramp for the Satya Paul collection that was showcased Saturday.

An excited Mandira later told reporters: "Kolkata is my birth place. This is the first time I have walked the ramp in Kolkata. In real life the endorsements and the shows I do, I mostly wear Satya Paul saris.

"I have walked for Satya Paul in Delhi and Dubai," she said, draped in a red woven zari sari, with mock weaving with embroideries on it.

Satya Paul, the designer brand celebrating its 25th year, showcased collections based on hand weaving.

"In the first 10-15 years of our business, weaving and craftsmen have played an important role. If we don't support their livelihood they can never go ahead in their lives," said Puneet Nanda, Satya Paul's son.

Describing the collection that was exhibited as 'non-Satya Paul type', he said: "I am pleased to showcase such a collection in Kolkata as this place has a lot of respect and regard for weaving."

He has named the collection 'Resham (silk) and Zari' to highlight the weaving that goes into fabrics like woven silk as well as jacards, georgette and satin. The collection had both saris and lehengas.

Vimala Raman in bikini

Vimala Raman in bikiniMalayalam actress Vimala Raman is also willing to join the bikini bandwagon!

Sources say Vimala Raman will soon appear in a two-piece bikini in her next Telugu film 'Lover Boy'.

Directed by V.N. Aditya, produced by Supreme Raju Harwani and Gogineni Srinivas with Tarun as hero.

Lover Boy was recently launched by mega star Chiranjeevi at Rama Naidu Studios, who gave the clap for the muhurat shot, while D. Suresh Babu switched on the camera.

Touted to be a romantic drama, the film is being picturised in foreign locations, including Bangkok and Malaysia, where the film will be shot in around 40 days.

Vimala Raman was last seen in Varun Sandesh's Telugu flick Evaraina Epudaina.

Roma included in a financial fraud case

Roma included in a financial fraud casePrithvi turns back as screen play is not wellVivacious actress Roma has been taken as a witness in the cotroversial financial fraud case by the financial firm Total4U, which is owned by Sabarinath. Sabarinath has been accused of cheating people of crores of rupees by taking deposits from people on the pretext iof offering them high returns.

As per the charge sheet filed by the Crime Branch last year, about 1200 people have been cheated and about 50 crores of rupees have been floated under the banner of several finincial institutions. All these have been carried out without the consent of the Reserve Bank of India. The names o 20 people including Sabarinath, Dr. Remani and Chandrmathi Amma have been cited in the list as prime accused.

Roma will be one of the 320 witnesses to be produced in this case, as she had performed in a music album
which was produced by Sabarinath. Roma has definitely got herself into trouble for reasons known or unknown.

Nayan-Prabhu Deva break up!

Nayan-Prabhu Deva break up!The intimate relationship between Nayantara and Prabhu Deva is coming to an end. According to sources, the actress has decided to keep away from the actor-director for the time being due to the compulsion of her parents and close friends.

The actress parents feel that her affair with Deva has ruined her career. They even met a famous astrologer to know about their daughter?s future. Some of her films have flopped miserably. At present she has only one film with Surya named Aadhavan under the direction of K S Ravikumarn. So, after all these incidents, the actress has now decided to concentrate on her work and keep a distance from Deva. How far this is true, God alone knows.

Why Kavya had to walk out of her marriage?

She was one of the prettiest brides in recent times. Kavya who got married to Nischal Chandra on Feb 5, 2009, has walked out of a bad marriage. And it turned out to be the shortest wedding in tinsel town.

Malayalam cinema's leading heroine Kavya Madhavan is still in a state of shock as she is now back in Kochi with her parents.

Kavya was loved and respected by her fans for keeping a low profile and her refusal to take the glamour route to Kollywood.

It was parental pressure that forced her to marry Nischal Chandra, a failed actor who was made out to be a successful banker working inKuwait.

But according to sources close to Kavya, the marriage turned sour because Nischal and his family turned out to be gold diggers. The buzz is that Kavya was harassed by her in- laws for more dowry and gold.Kavya has consulted a leading lawyer in Kochi and is refusing to meet up with anyone including the media.

Meera Jasmine's marriage mystery!

Meera Jasmine's marriage mystery!If Nayantara courts controversies with her relationships, then Meera Jasmine cannot be far behind. Though she has been known her right choice of movies and characters, Meera Jasmine has also been in the News for her growing proxinity with the noted musician Mandolin U. Rajesh (brother of Mandolin U. Srinivas).

Of late there has ben rumours floating high that Meera Jasmine is to tie the knot with the musician soon. However there has been no clarification from her side and the gossip mongers have gone a step ahead by claiming that the actress has even married secretly. The actress who has a string of characters and stories lined up for her in most of the regional languages will have to formally issue her statement to put at bay all these rumours.

Meera Jasmine prefers performance to glamour!

This should come as no surprise. When asked what is more important: glamour or performance, most heroines may not answer the question, but Meera Jasmine would surely vote for performance.

"Glamour is not a criterion for success in films. If a girl has a beautiful face, she can become a heroine and if she has a perfect physique, it would be an additional qualification. When you prove that you can perform well on screen, it would cover all other aspects," she was quoted as saying.

Talking about today's showing more interest in skin show and craving for size zero, Meera said, "Of course, a heroine who wants to remain in the acting profession for some time should show some interest in her physique and should do regular exercises. Though I don't crave for massages, I too take some precautions for a charming face and use natural spices like turmeric, etc."

Kavya Madhavan's nude Pooja led her to split

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan has been the hottest topic of discussion in South Indian film circles, ever since she applied for divorce from her recently married husband Nischal Chandran. Many speculations have been made about the causes of rift between Kavya and Nischal. Earlier, it was reported that Nischal's suspicious nature and his authoritative mom's torture were reasons for the split.

Buzz up!Now, the more shocking news is coming out after reported that the pictures and videos of Kavya's special nude pooja were responsible for her break up with Nischal. Galatta reports, "A popular Tamil magazine claims that her marriage bliss was troubled after Nischal obtained some obscene pictures and videos featuring the actress in hot positions from a special nude pooja.

It is said that a few years ago, Kavya had held a special nude pooja, which was performed by a self-proclaimed Swami in Aluva. She had reportedly performed the pooja to secure the No. 1 position in Malayalam. Recently, Kavya's nude pictures and videos shot during the pooja were sent to her husband by her old friend Ammukkutti aka Nandini.

According to the report, Nandini was a manager in a Kozhikode star hotel. She had allegedly shot Kavya's hot scenes during the pooja without her knowledge. Later, she had tried to blackmail Kavya for money, but the actress made a complaint to the hotel management, which fired her. Irked by the incident, she sent the controversial materials to Nischal.