Mohanlal turns 50

Mohanlal turns 50The living legend and icon of Malayalam cinema is turning 50 today. Lalettan as he is affectionately known among millions of Malayalees world over is keeping it a very private affair.

His fans in Kerala and other parts of the world wanted to celebrate it in a big way, but the star himself has told them that he wants to keep it simple and a very private affair. His fan clubs wanted a very ostentatious big bash in Thiruvananthapuram his home town, but the actor refused to take part in any pompous birthday celebrations.

Mohanlal told “I really don’t believe in a big bash or celebrating it in a glitzy manner. It is going to be a very private affair as some of my close friends who grew with me are planning a party for me.”

Mohanlal will be spending his birthday at home in Chennai with wife Suchitra, and children Appu and Maya. In the evening Mohanlal’s close buddies led by director Priyadarshan, singer MG Sreekumar, actor and producer Manian Pillai Raju and a few other buddies are planning “a private birthday party at a exotic getaway near Chennai”.

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